Lately, the National Association of Realtors and have put out some pretty hilarious cc19bbd5fa4a9e48c697a7107d89c977commercials about the perks of using a realtor. Have you seen the “House Off” game show spots? The ads may seem goofy, but they make a good point–working with a realtor can make for a much less stressful experience than going it alone. With over 30 years of experience, here’s what we’ve learned.

  1. We are experts on our communities. Having lived and worked in Northeast Ohio for their entire careers, our realtors not only make it their business to know schools, neighborhoods, and local services–it’s practically second nature. What’s more, we know the people who make up our community. We have a vast professional network that we’ll help you tap into. From mortgage brokers to attorneys and home inspectors, your Hofmeister Realtor will ensure you work with only the best.
  2. So. Much. Paperwork. Buying or selling a home can mean dozens of forms, signatures, and learning a whole new jargon. Our licensed agents speak fluent real estate and are pros at navigating those forms.
  3. Increased Knowledge of and Access to Properties: Realtors have access to information that you might not find during your online home search, including which listings are outdated and homes that might be for sale but aren’t widely advertised. Whether you’re buying or selling, we’ll do the legwork necessary to arrange showings between qualified buyers and sellers.
  4. Negotiation Skills: It’s a realtor’s job to represent your best interest while also acting as a liaison between you and the other party involved in a sale. Because a lot of emotions can be attached to a home or a home search, your agent is able to give you the professional distance needed to make a good deal. We’re also trained to hammer out details and craft a contract that can give you what you need to make the sale a reality, for example, giving you time to complete inspections before you’re bound to finalize the sale.
  5. High Ethical Standards: Realtors are bound to a code of conduct (and some laws!) that require we honestly and fairly represent our clients and protect the public. What’s more, we love referrals and repeat customers!

Now that you know you need a realtor, how do you go about choosing one? All of our agents are highly qualified, but each of us has our own approach and specialties. Read more about us here!