aurora greenmenWe here at Hofmeister Realty are proud to do business in Aurora, Ohio for many reasons, one of which is the exceptional Aurora school system. Realtors and home buyers aren’t the only ones who see something special in the Aurora schools, however; here are just a few of the organizations who have recognized the Aurora School District.


  • The Ohio Department of Education has given Aurora City Schools its highest rating of “Excellent,” for fourteen straight years, and in 2014 Aurora received straight A’s on its district report card.
  • U. S. News & World Report ranked Aurora High School as one of the top in the nation. Listed as #312 nationally, it is the #14 high school in Ohio.
  • Cleveland Magazine rated the Aurora City School District among the top 10 places to live in the Cleveland suburbs according to quality of education.
  • The Plain Dealer called the Aurora City School District one of the top places to work in and around Cleveland two years in a row.
  • Portage County named Aurora High School the “Most Engaging,” high school of 2014 and 2015. The award recognizes high schools that have developed innovative programs for community engagement, which involves parents, alumni and community organizations. In 2015, Aurora High School was chosen for the honor specifically because of its service learning program.

Clearly, Aurora City Schools make an impression on educational professionals and journalists, but what of the families who have kids in the district? Well, it seems they are impressed too, as enrollment continues to grow, according to Superintendent of Schools Pat R. Ciccantelli.


The mission of the Aurora City Schools is to ensure that through providing a nurturing environment, with high expectations and effective programs, all students will reach their full potential and graduate prepared to become responsible, productive members of society. The ability of Aurora schools to live out this mission is plain to see when we consider that U.S. News & World Report’s standard for a gold medal high school is one that serves all its students well, not just college bound students. At Aurora high school, for example, there are multiple paths that students can take, each of which is academically rigorous.

With over 90% of AHS students continuing on to a two or four year college immediately after high school, Aurora High School excels at offering a curriculum designed for student success. Students may choose to enroll in a college prep curriculum, a selective college admissions curriculum designed for students who are seeking admission to the nation’s top universities, or a career-tech curriculum that focuses on job readiness in fields like hospitality, construction, public safety and more.

What’s more, Aurora City Schools enthusiastically recognize academic excellence among students across curricula. They issue Honor and Tech-Prep Honors Diplomas, award academic letters, host an “academic signing day” for students who are awarded scholarships by their post-secondary institution, and have created the “Greenmen Awards” for outstanding AHS Seniors.

Arts, Athletics and Activities

Aurora City Schools provide opportunities for the arts, athletics and student-driven activites as a Drumway to strengthen academic performance and help mold well-rounded citizens. Their success in this pursuit includes a 75% music participation rate among middle schoolers, two students who won a combined $65,000 in scholarship awards through the Maltz Museum’s “Stop the Hate: Youth Speak Out” essay contest, and several coaches and players who have been recognized by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.


Perhaps what is most impressive about the Aurora City Schools is its transparency and the sense of accountability it feels toward its community. The district has won the Ohio Auditor of State Award for four years running and runs quality programs on relatively little money (Cost per pupil: $ 10,849 – academically Aurora City Schools rank in the top 2%, but spend in the 25th percentile).

Additionally, the district puts out a Quality Report in addition to the state’s annual evaluations, which can be read here.

If you’re interested in the Aurora schools for your family, we encourage you to contact any of our realtors at our Streetsboro location.