cropped-Kenston-LocalSchools1In 2015, Kenston High School was ranked 36th out of 881 Ohio high schools, putting it in the top 5% in the state, according to Nationally, Kenston is ranked in the top 1,000 schools, earning them a U.S. News Education silver medal ranking. So, what makes Kenston such a special school district?

Located in Chagrin Falls and serving Auburn Township and Bainbridge, Kenston takes a unique approach to caring for and educating its students. PEAK, or Peaceful Environment At Kenston, is described as a method by which “each student [is able] to achieve individual academic excellence and to maximize personal growth in a community which demonstrates and develops mutual respect, responsibility, and life-long learning.” The district has consciously dedicated itself to providing a safe space for children to grow and learn by prioritizing six “Essential Elements” of education.

  1. Safe Harbor: In each school building, there is a place and people available for students and staff to share their concerns. Often this safe space exists in a guidance office, where anonymity is protected and repercussions are prevented.
  2. Family and Community Education: Resources are provided to families and the community at large that help everyone maintain a peaceful school environment. These resources include newsletters and the district’s outstanding website.
  3. Behavior Expectations: All members of the Kenston community are expected to display respect for themselves and others. This attitude of respect is weaved throughout the curriculum and modeled in the classroom.
  4. Character Traits: Every month, a different character trait is focused upon and students work to encourage positive actions. Such traits include good judgment, hard work, compassion and honesty.
  5. Character Reinforcement: Kenston does more than talk about a peaceful environment, it implements programs that help students be respectful and responsible. For example, “Catch them Being Good” uses positive reinforcement in the classroom, while the Lunch Bunch provides dedicated time to improving students’ social skills.
  6. Staff Development: Kenston offers their staff plenty of training which focuses on promoting a peaceful climate across the district.

Here at Hofmeister Realty, we salute Kenston for their efforts in providing a safe space for students to learn, grow, and perform along the best of their peers across Ohio.