fallback1These few weeks between the dog days of summer and the hustle and bustle of the holidays are often the perfect time for homeowners to turn their attention toward their house. Here are some important projects you should consider before the snow flies.


Basic Maintenance:

  1. Gutters: Falling leaves and rain can fill your gutters with gunk. Flush them out with water, inspect joints and tighten brackets. Built up gutters are the leading cause of ice dams, which can lead to water damage.
  2. Ceiling Fans: Did you know you should change the direction of your ceiling fan every winter and spring? In the winter, blades should move clockwise. This will help the warm air trapped near your ceiling circulate better and keep your rooms cozy instead of chilly.
  3. Furnace Filters: You should change or clean your furnace filter every two months or so; but changing furnace filters is even more important in the fall. As you gear up for cold weather, a clean filter will help your furnace run more efficiently.
  4. Wrap up outdoor projects: Make sure your patio furniture is covered and stored in a dry place. Empty outdoor pots of any soil; leftover dirt can freeze and crack your planters.
  5. Curb Appeal: Keep your yard as clean as you can as the leaves fall, and prune back those dying shrubs. You may also consider adding some rich topsoil to your beds to keep them clean and healthy.

Projects with Payoff:

  1. HVAC: Maintaining your heating and cooling system isn’t just important for keeping you warm this winter, it can also save you money and headaches. Regularly scheduled HVAC servicing and inspections can help you catch minor problems before they turn into major expenses. Also remember to cover your outdoor AC unit this winter to keep rust away.
  2. Roofing: Last month, we reminded you that indoor remodels don’t mean much to buyers if there are problems with the most basic elements of your home, for example, your roof. Inspect your roof for cracks and worn out materials so you aren’t surprised by leaks. A new roof or one in like-new condition can go a long way in selling your home down the road.
  3. Windows: This may be the time to install new windows. Energy efficient windows will keep you from heating the outdoors, plus buyers LOVE new windows!

Fall Bargains

  1. Outdoor Living: Patio furniture and grills are on super-sale after Labor Day. You may thank yourself next spring!
  2. Appliances: Did you know that fall is the best time to buy major household appliances (except for refrigerators)? Store have to make room for new models, so if you’ve been considering a dishwasher, washer/dryer or stove, you may get up to a 20% discount during the fall months.