Salem QuakersSchool Spotlight: Salem City Schools

Salem High School has a proud record of preparing students for higher education, both academically and financially.

Advanced Placement

SHS has one of the top Advanced Placement systems in the country and was recently named to the 5th Annual AP District Honor Roll. The Advance Placement, or “AP” program is a set of advanced courses that offer many benefits to college-bound students. For example, eighty-five percent of selective colleges and universities report that the AP experience is looked upon favorably during the admissions process. AP classes can also save students time and money during college. By taking an AP course and scoring successfully on the related AP exam, students may be able to claim college credit. What’s more, the academic rigor associated with AP courses allows students to study subjects in depth and prepare for college-level courses by improving their research, communication and time management skills. SHS currently offers 15 AP courses in various subjects including English, chemistry, calculus, computer science, government, history, foreign languages, visual arts and music.

College Admissions Tests

Salem High School students also excel on their ACT and SAT scores. Over the past ten years, Salem has had more students honored for their ACT scores of 30+ than any other school in the county.

Kent State Rural Scholars

Kent State University’s Salem and East Liverpool campuses are working in conjunction with local partners and schools to make college more accessible for first generation college-bound students in Columbiana County. The goal of the Rural Scholars program is to ensure that students who participate attend and complete their chosen course of study, ultimately reinvesting their time and talents into our local community.


With the cost of college tuition continually on the rise and many students eager to find financial aid, Salem provides an abundance of resources.

The Salem High School Alumni Association: The SHSAA is one of the leading high school alumni organizations in the country. Thanks to loyal graduates, generous donors and a history of sound investments, the SHSAA is able to award hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships each year. In 2015, 100 graduating seniors, alumni, and current students shared $359,050 in scholarships, bringing the association’s total amount of scholarship money granted to $6,208,987 since the inception of the scholarship program in 1908.

SHS & the Salem Community Foundation: In addition to the Alumni Association scholarships, students in 2015 received an additional $20,000 in awards and scholarships during their annual awards assembly. Much of that award money is held in well-managed funds by the Salem Community Foundation. In addition to those awards given to high school seniors, the Community Foundation also awards scholarships to students already enrolled in post-secondary education.

Institutional Scholarships: Many SHS graduates also receive scholarships from their college or university. Often based on academic, athletic or personal merit, institutions of higher education awarded $734,000 in scholarships to the SHS Class of 2015.

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