yellow bathShould you Remodel your Bathroom?

There is some difference of opinion on the worth of remodeling your bathroom as a homeowner. A lot of folks will tell you that if you want to sell your home you should have the most up-to-date kitchen and bathroom features, but it’s not always that simple. Here are a few things to take into consideration:

  • You will rarely recoup the cost of a bathroom remodel unless you live in a really choice housing market such as Baltimore, Washington D.C., San Francisco, etc. For instance, a bathroom project in Baltimore can recoup more than 150% according to HGTV.
  • Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen won’t appeal to potential buyers if you haven’t kept up with basic maintenance. “If the roof is leaking, buyers won’t get beyond that,” says Ron Phipps with Phipps Realty in Warwick, R.I. “I don’t care how awesome the kitchen is.” Buyers want to take the basics for granted. When showing your home, they assume that the roof doesn’t leak, that the heating and cooling systems work, and plumbing work. Maintenance projects like siding and window replacement can go a lot further when it comes to resale value than a big bathroom re-do.
  • Just because it may not add a lot to the value of your home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider sprucing up your bathroom. If you plan on living in your home for many years or a new bathroom will make your life more enjoyable or easier, go for it! Just make sure it is in your budget and won’t detract from the more necessary aspects of home improvement.

What if you Decide to Remodel?

There are A LOT of options when it comes to choosing a new look design for your bathroom. Here are some of the most affordable and trendy updates:

  • Rather than spending thousands on demolishing and replacing your old tub, consider refacing it for just a few hundred dollars. Check out a Home Depot tutorial here.
  • Update those light fixtures. Not only can they make your bathroom more attractive for low price, they also serve an important safety function.
  • If your bathroom fixtures (i/e faucets) are more than ten years old, they probably look outdated. Brushed nickel, antique bronze and pewter finish often give a finished, upscale look for around $300.
  • Incorporating natural elements like wood and stone is a hot trend in bathroom design right now
  • So is the color grey. Designers feel that the old all-white look is cold while shades of grey can add depth.

One More Surprising Fact

In a recent Wall Street Journal article based on data, it seem that half bathroom can increase your home’s value more than full baths. Single-family homes with a single bathroom were listed at a median $85 a square foot; a half bath (no shower or tub) boosted the median to $93, whereas two full baths brought the median to $107. What’s behind these numbers? The WSJ has a few theories. One is that a ground-floor half-bath is incredibly convenient and may often be the most trafficked bathroom in your house. In addition, you can get to the point of diminishing returns if you pour money into a full over a half bath.