salem libraryWe sure do love our library. Here’s why!

10.) Research Resources: At the Salem Public Library and on their website you can access dozens of research databases that can help your kids with homework, help you find a job, read magazines and journals online and even learn local history. You can even access Salem High School Yearbooks online!

9.) E-Books and Magazines: Whether you’ve got a kindle, nook or tablet, e-readers offer a lot of convenience, but buying books through an app can get expensive. The Salem Library offers thousands of titles in conjunction with the Ohio Digital Library, and you can download them straight to your device!

8.) Wellness Wednesdays: On the second Wednesday of each month, local residents can attend Wellness Wednesdays to learn about a variety of health and wellness topics free of charge. Some previous topics have included alternative medicine, concussion awareness, self-defense classes and more.

7.) Go Wild in the Park: Another series of free events, Go Wild in the Park is held in partnership with the Salem Parks and Recreation department. The programs are offered all year. They feature fun events like cardboard sled races and scarecrow building contests as well as more informational programs like animal tracking and wilderness survival tips.

6.) Good Citizenship: The library can help us all be better citizens. At the library we can register to vote, find helpful tax forms, keep our identities safe during their “Salem Community Paper Shred” days and interact with our neighbors.

5.) Movies: Along with being able to check out movies on DVD (classics and new releases alike!), the Salem Public Library also holds family-friendly movie nights in the Quaker Room.

4.) Hobbies and Relaxation: If you’re looking for a relaxing, fun activity, the Salem Library has plenty to offer. From “Getting Crafty,” a monthly program that teaches you a new craft each session to live music in the winter to “ColorZen’s” adult coloring sessions, you’re sure to find something that is just plain fun!

3.) 3-D Printing: 3-D Printing is on the cutting edge of technology. 3-D printers take three dimensional models and create tangible items from heated plastic. Anyone in the community can submit designs and use the library’s 3-D Printer for the low cost of 10 cents/gram. You could print anything from action figures, replacement parts for a machine, tools, toys and jewelry.

2.) Kids’ Programs: Along with an outstanding children’s department, the Salem Public Library also hosts a variety of fun and educational programs for kids. The library offers different story times for kids of varying ages. Two especially fun programs are “Hands on at the Library,” a series that includes stories and hands-on experiences like crafts, science experiments and games, as well as a weekly LEGO Club that sets out to build exciting LEGO designs. They even offer special events like Tech Camp (where they will be building robots, editing videos and more) and My Little Pony and Pokemon parties.

1.) BOOKS, OF COURSE! Not only does the library have an outstanding selection of books, you can also get recommendations from knowledgeable librarians, be notified when a book from your favorite author hits library shelves and listen to books on tape!

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” –Ernest Hemingway